The Turkish ports, marine agents, operators and ship owners are officially informed that vessels which have arrived from Crimea and its port will not be allowed in Turkey, and authorization bound for the ports of this region will not be given. New Regulation on the P&I Clubs and Insurance Companies which are recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication was approved on 30.05.2017.
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We are devoted to provide correspondent services and to do so within a network of experienced claims handlers and consultants whose assembled knowledge and expertise will reduce your risk and ensure that the time you spend dealing with difficult and problematical cases is reduced to a minimum.

We also provide information relating to government policies and proposed policies as it affects the economy, to assist our clients in making timely decisions.

Our staff with local shipping regulations and practices in their area is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to cover any incident that might arise or provide advice for any inquiry our clients may have.


PROMPT ATTENTION/ 24 HOUR AVAILIBILITY One phone call is enough to get us involved and we are on call around the clock to respond to marine casualties and emergency situations. MORE

It is needless to say that shipping is an industry where assistance might be needed at any hour, and it is thus of vital importance that correspondents can be reached at all times, day and night. Therefore, we are kept up to date, and any changes in staff/ addresses/ telephone numbers etc. are immediately reported to the Clubs and each colleague of ours is nominated to be on duty on the weekends and public holiday in a row.

Our mission is to quickly & positively respond, and communicate our clients’ needs. In doing so, we are in a position to protect our clients interests by maximising control and minimising exposure to damage and lost time.

PROACTIVE CORRESPONDENCE We are not just a post-box correspondent. MORE

We highly believe that a significant progress in the communication of the facililities over the last decade has changed the scope of the local correspondents’ work. Accordingly we have been urged to take a more active role and to leave the traditional approach of acting merely as a post-box correspondent. Therefore, we establish immediate communication link between the Club/Underwriter and its members/Assureds and ensure the communication to be integrated and confidential.

We keep our principals fully informed of every development and closely monitor the quality of our work and then make careful recommendations founded on our knowledge and experience.

FINANCIAL STRENGTH You can have confidence that we will be there whenever you need us. MORE

As we all know, under appropriate circumstances, the Clubs may issue a letter of undertaking or other form of guarantee and we are conscious that a correspondent has no power to issue a letter of undertaking or other form of guarantee except as specifically authorised by the Clubs.

Delay in the vessel’s schedule always costs money to the owner. Therefore, our aim is to do everything in order to have a vessel free to continue her maritime trade and activity. In view of this, we are able and willing to provide

a cash guarantee as soon as possible subject to the extent of the amount and our corporate cash position in case of necessity since the company has a long history of financial strength and strong performance. For example, in case of ship arrest, we can deposit cash in the first instance and then the same can be replaced with a security in the form of bank letter of guarantee in order to have the vessel free to set sail, which would gain approximately 5 days to the vessel depending on the circumstances.

LOCAL REPUTATION AND COMMERCIAL RELIANCE Who would not wish to work with a company having invaluable reputation that also puts your own reputation at safety. MORE

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that relationships usually run thicker than anything else in Turkey, which we believe differs from the Nordic mentality. However, please bear in mind that it is not related to any illegal act such as bribery, misconduct etc. We just mean that trustworthy commercial reputation is very important to the private and state entities and it sometimes achieves the impossible and/or accelerate the things.

One of our most important roles is to assist in the placement of Club Letters of Guarantee when security is demanded by cargo interests for alleged cargo damage/loss, but also by local port authorities / managements for physical damage to port installations and/or pollution.

The form, text and amount of such LoG’s for cargo damage depends largely on the source of the demand with some cargo interests insisting on their own particular content, competence and language whereas others are prepared to compromise and consider the requests of Club’s and Owners, especially regarding the applicable law and the question of bank guarantee issue.


Letters of Guarantee required by local Port Authorities are less flexible particularly in Turkey where neither the sum demanded nor the content of the undertaking are normally open to discussion.

However, we should lay stress on the fact that our company’s trustworthy commercial reputation and good relationships, which are one of the most important assets, comes to your rescue and  opponent parties/claimants will be more inclined to trust in your organization’s ability to pay; to provide fair terms for fair trading. For instance, official authorities at some ports such as in Mersin, Iskenderun would prefer our guarantee to a Club LoG and even private entities as well as individuals feel more comfortable with our security.

SOUND LEGAL ADVICE ON LOCAL LAW & LEGISLATION AND MARITIME REGULATIONS A sophisticated knowledge of the industry and good local knowledge enable us to provide efficient defence of the P&I Clubs' and their Members' or Clients’ interests in this area. MORE

With a wide network of legal representative in Turkey as well as in Bulgaria specializing in different areas, Omur Marine is always able to provide its principals with up to date and expert advice on local law & regulations.

Please be informed that there have been various changes in the basic regulations and codes of such Commercial Code, Criminal Code, Civil Law, Code of Obligations and Civil Procedure Code etc.

during the EU harmonization progress over the last a few years. Therefore, we regularly publish and circulate circulars around, attend seminars and courses, which enables our own staff to stay up to date and allows us to advise our members by way of our website.

TAILORED SERVICES For all eventualities, everything that you need and demand is tailored to fit. MORE

You just take the advantage of our local helping hand and put your mind at rest.


PRACTICAL GUIDANCE We provide expert and practical solutions for the shipping sector. SYMPATHETIC EAR Our focus on understanding and identifying the situation with your feelings and motives can be a balm.