The Turkish ports, marine agents, operators and ship owners are officially informed that vessels which have arrived from Crimea and its port will not be allowed in Turkey, and authorization bound for the ports of this region will not be given. New Regulation on the P&I Clubs and Insurance Companies which are recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication was approved on 30.05.2017.
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As Correspondent to P&I Clubs our services include:

Conducting Surveys and Investigation Services

Unlike most P&I Correspondents and H&M Representatives, we have a team of experienced surveyors from various backgrounds including naval architecture, nautical and engineering and also have an extensive network of marine

provide a fast and efficient response to requests for surveys which, given the fast turnaround in these matters, is a valuable service to our principals.

The range of surveys we carry out includes:

  • Damage to Ship (Tankers, Bulkers & Container Ships). Hull & Machinery, Damage to Cargo (Liquid Cargo, Dry Cargo & Air Cargo).
  • Draft surveys and scale weighing
  • Arranging tally surveys, which are subcontracted
  • Participation in ullaging for liquid cargoes
  • Arrangements for cargo sampling and testing
  • Inspection and reporting on the adequacy of stowage arrangements
  • Pre-loading inspection for loss prevention purposes
  • Monitoring loading and discharge operations
  • Ships Collision.
  • Underw ater survey.
  • Charterers Liability.
  • Stevedore damage
  • Grounding
  • Fire/explosion
  • Sinking
  • Yacht surveys
  • Pollution
  • On/Off hire/pre-purchase surveys
  • Bunker surveys

As P&I Club Correspondents and H&M Representatives, we do our utmost to reduce the exposure of our principals to any claims, either by advising and arranging the most efficient protective measures available (draft surveys, loading surveys/tallies, discharge surveys/tallies and preliminary hatch opening reports) or by appointing competent and cost-effective surveyors to identify the causes and extent of any damage and/or attend court survey meetings.

Claims Handling Services/Loss Adjusting Services/Defence Services

Since “a bad settlement is better than a good judgement”, our aim is to give priority to solving the claims amicably, thus avoiding costly legal proceedings and delays.

The Company, with its team of internationally qualified lawyers and claims handlers, is committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism so as to protect our clients’ interests during negotiations with adverse parties (cargo underwriters, Customs, public and port authorities, etc.) as well as in the course of legal proceedings. Our aim is to resolve claims on an amicable basis thus avoiding delays and costly court proceedings. However, your attention should be called to the difference between the spirit of compromise of the Europe and Turkey.

Whilst the former’s principle is settlement in pais and litigation is the alternative procedure which you would exceptionally have to face, the things work other way around in the latter. However, we surely aim at blending the two mindsets together as perfectly as possible and especially have been trying to find common ground with the cargo underwriters by taking the advantage of our long-standing relationships.

Casualty Work

Omur Marine has a long history in assisting insurers in major casualties and over the years we have gained valuable experience in crisis management and our expert staff have assisted with their trademark quick response, objective analysis of the problem and local know-how.

The scope of our involvement in casualties encompasses the following:

  • Attending on site at earliest opportunity following incident to provide initial assessment of damage
  • Reporting during early stages of casualty in order to coordinate salvage efforts or minimise losses
  • Assessing requirements during early stages, such as towage, temporary repairs, lightering, cargo transshipment etc
  • Monitoring salvage and pollution prevention operations
  • Liaising with local authorities
  • Monitoring repairs, from preparation of specification through to assisting with settlement of final repair bill on behalf of underwriters
  • Providing technical expertise in investigations on the cause of the casualty and appearing as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

It is worth stating that the lack of practical and litigious experience of the authorities in the casualty cases outside Istanbul may be a disadvantage, however, our considerable experimental knowledge helps us to turn this disadvantage into an opportunity.

Medical Assistance

Timely and cost-effectively hospitalisation and/or medical arrangements are ensured.

Omur Marine will arrange for the disembarkation of any sick, injured or deceased crew member/non-crew member, even from a vessel on the roads.

In collaboration with the ship’s agents, the relevant hospitalisation and/or medical arrangements are timely and cost-effectively made in the face of the often conflicting demands of the patient’s condition, geography, business, politics, religion, relatives and insurance.

In the unfortunate eventuality that the crew member/non-crew member is deceased, Omur Marine deals with all the formalities such as contacting the Consulate/Embassy, arranging an autopsy, obtaining a non-contagion report, death certificate, sealed coffin, etc. and ensures that the crew member/non-crew member is either repatriated or buried in conformity with both the local legislation and the wishes of the family and/or client.

Stowaway cases

Our in-house expertise and pragmatic approach to dealing with stowaway documentation and repatriation, ensure positive and speedy results.

Omur Marine has an unrivalled reputation throughout the worldwide P&I industry for its special handling of stowaways.

Before anything else, it must be emphasized that as a matter of fact, it is not possible to disembark a stowaway in Turkey and send him/her to his/her country. However, with the assistance of our powerful bonds, invaluable corporate reliance and solution-oriented mindset, we have managed to create a flexibility in the mentality and implementation of the authorized state bodies so that there may be prospects for repatriation/disemberkation given that we have had favourable experience in this regard for some time even if the stowaway was proven not to have boarded in Turkey.

As soon as instructions are received from the vessel’s Master, Agents, P&I Club or Owner, Omur Marine immediately contacts the relevant authorities (harbour, immigration, etc.) in order to secure their green light to repatriate the stowaways.

Our bilingual staff then assists the Master in completing the disembarkation formalities with the authorities on board the vessel and interview the stowaway in order to ascertain the probable nationality. The Club/Owner is made available to an estimate of the repatriation costs.

With the assistance of the Police, we then disembark and escort the stowaway to a police detention centre for further investigations and ensure that meals will be provided.

Once the stowaway has been escorted to and interviewed at the relevant Embassy/Consulate by our staff in order to obtain confirmation of his/their nationality, we apply for emergency travel documents and make the repatriation arrangements (booking escorts and plane tickets as required, purchasing a minimum of inexpensive decent clothing, etc.).

Omur Marine accompanies the stowaway to the airport and/or to the main destination.

Personal Injury Claims

With a wealth of experience in handling personal injury cases combining our network of medical professionals, we trust we can carry out a thorough investigation into every case and provide a professional recommendation to our principals.

When personal injury occurs, it is important as a Correspondent to act promptly & professionally to investigate the circumstances of the incident and obtain a witness statement from the relevant parties.

Should a claim be lodged against the insured/P&I Club, our highly qualified team of international maritime lawyers with its wealth of experience would be advantageous to deal with such matters.

Lifting Arrest of Vessels and Dealing With Customs Fine

Arrest of vessels cost money to the Owner. Our aim is to do everything we can to lift up the arrest as soon as possible.

Arresting a vessel is generally the strategy followed by cargo insurers to secure their claim. Experience shows that this usually happens on a Friday afternoon, willing to stress the Owners and the P&I Club.

We have gained vast experience in lifting up arrest of vessel. Our team is well aware of the time aspect and will do their utmost to release the ship and avoid delay.

All countries customs authority will strictly apply the law and Masters shall be well aware of this. We will help in the negotiations with the customs authority, fight against unreasonable fines, reduces the others.


Omur Marine has got the highest numbers of instructions, if not the highest, in pollution cases which gives a unique experience in this field as we act on behalf of different interests in separate cases

such as criminalization of seaman which is becoming a serious issue in the cases of this kind.

We have attended on many pollution cases throughout the Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterrenan. An understanding of the means required for the clean-up operation according to the type of pollutant and extent of pollution, the geographical conditions, the capabilities and pricing practices of local anti-pollution contractors and experience in dealing with local authorities have all proved invaluable in minimising the costs of such cases.

Generally our involvement in pollution cases includes:

  • Attending on site as soon as possible after incident to assess extent of pollution
  • Providing input on choice of anti-pollution contractors, including their equipment and capabilities
  • Monitoring clean-up operations, assessing necessity of means used and recording resources
  • Dealing with local authorities and potential claimants
  • Monitoring local press coverage

Kindly be advised that we have established very firm relations with the Ministry of Environment and we are particularly invited to the administrative demonstrations. Last but not least, we have obtained successful results where judgments set precedent especially in complex criminal aspects of the matters.

Damage To Fixed or Folating Objects

Depending upon the nature of the damage, we as local correspondents will be able to arrange for the most suitable person (civil, structural or mechanical engineer or a cargo or marine surveyor) to carry

out an examination and assess the extent of the damage, but also to ensure that reasonable steps are taken by claimants to mitigate the loss and to carry out prompt repairs.